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HydraScav - H2S Scavenger

About HydraScav
HydraScav is a unique blend made from inorganic compounds that form
an aqueous solution. It is extremely fast acting and converts Hydrogen
Sulfide (H
2S) into sulfate salt in water.

The result is water and sulfate salt that is non hazardous with a very low
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). This is not a scavenger in chemicals
terms, it is a reaction which is instant and stable.
HydraScav is effective in
water, gas, oil and fuel oils. See
article on H2S and mercaptans.

Application is the key. The better the migration and the longer the reaction
time, the less chemical requirement. Our engineers can recommend
suitable injection points and procedures.
H2S is converted instantly to a non-hazardous salt in water that is easily disposed of. The reaction
is instant and irreversible and has no effect on oil, gas or fuel quality. HydraScav is non-corrosive,
non-flammable and has no smell. The required injection rate with HydraScav is a fraction of our
competitors and will dramatically reduce your chemical costs.

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