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HyDEX 100 

HyDeX 100 is a specifically formulated chemical that will eliminate  toxic gases and hydrocarbon vapor (including benzene), during plant  turnaround and storage tank decontamination. It is effective across all temperature ranges! This means that it does not require  temperature to activate certain enzymes typical with most decontamination chemicals on the market.

HyDeX 100 is water-soluble and contains an alcohol ethoxylate based compound with special enzymes cultured in the complex detergent system. It is effective in removing contaminants produced by various systems in oil and gas production and petrochemical plants. It is extremely fast acting and works by converting hydrogen sulfide and hydrocarbon vapor into water-soluble compounds with very low Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).

HyDeX 100 will deactivate pyrophoric materials such as iron sulfide and polymers during decontamination thus dramatically reducing the risk of pyrophoric oxidation and ignition of ambient hydrocarbon-air mixtures.


HyDeX 100 cleans the walls of a vessel and leaves a microscopic surfactant film preventing the release of vapor from any scale that may remain. This is vital when there are traces of mercury in the system. (See mercury decontamination – MeDeX 80)


HyDeX 100 is designed to be effective at elevated temperatures and ambient conditions. It can be used 
with steam or with a water circulation method. Most importantly HyDeX 100 can be sprayed at AMBIENT 
temperature via a simple spray gun or tank cleaning nozzle and it will remove hydrocarbon vapor as well as 
H2S from the atmosphere inside a vessel or tank. HyDeX 100 is also used to break down sludge, heavy 
hydrocarbons and coke during column and tank cleaning.



Vessels can be decontaminated in preparation for confined entry quickly and safely. The results are 100% Guaranteed.


For unscheduled mini-shutdowns where time is of the essence, decontamination of a vessel in the 
shortest possible time is vitally important. No Heat Resources can develop procedures tailor made to suit 
your facility’s configuration.


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