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Proper mixing is vital. The better the mixing - the less chemical 

required. We recommend injecting CaptScav at the inlet of a pump at the earliest possible point. CaptScav can either be diluted with water to increase mixing potential or injected neat if there is sufficient turbulence in the pipeline.  Please contact us The injection rate require will depend on the type of hydrocarbon stream and the species of mercaptan to be removed.  Please contact us for more information on estimated injection rates,


mercaptan SCAVENGER


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CaptScav is a water based mercaptan scavenger able to react with mercaptan species and convert them into water soluble components.   CaptScav is made from a combination of specialized polyhydric alcohol molecules which are stabilized in a water soluble hydroxyl compound.   The reactions with mercaptans creates water, sulfate (SO4-2) and other oxidized components.  The water soluble sulfates are removed easily from the hydrocarbons.  The reaction pathway does not include any caustic and eliminates the need for secondary treatments such as regeneration of spent caustic or spent caustic disposal



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