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MeDeX 80 is a powerful solution that is able to remove mercury vapor from the atmosphere! It is a formulated chelating agent specifically designed to transform elemental mercury vapor into a stable mercury salt in an aqueous form. See Article in Pipeline Magazine.

MeDeX 80 is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is formulated to function aggressively at both elevated and ambient temperatures. The product contains additives to ensure compatibility with a variety of different systems and materials.


MeDeX 80 is used during decontamination works and can be injected with steam, water or sprayed directly onto / into the contaminated area. During decontamination, mercury vapor levels are continuously recorded until they are below  the desired level. During general plant maintenance, MeDeX 80 is sprayed into the atmosphere around any potential sources of mercury vapor to create a safer working 



This is a very easy chemical to use and handle and your employees and contractors can easily be trained to deal with the deadly effects of mercury vapor during shutdowns and general maintenance. The danger caused by mercury vapor can be avoided by using MeDeX 80 with a facility-specific decontamination procedure. We can train your staff in the safe handling of mercury contaminated equipment and the effective application of our chemical.


The monitoring of mercury vapor is conducted on a regular basis at various sensitive areas within the plant 
and the results are monitored. If mercury levels exceed the Personnel Exposure Limit (PEL), the maintenance work will be temporarily ceased and the decontamination will take place. When a safe exposure level is achieved, maintenance work can be resumed.


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